Internet radio & podcasting

Internet radio combines broadcast intimacy with cutting edge digitized sound quality and rich media to create a new social experience. Vertical Internet media  helps business become storytellers and broadcasters so they can communicate with their customers and staff to manage the media of the client experience.

Health Professional Radio broadcasts on 30 stations on 4 continents to over 200000 hospital based and aged care clinicians.

In-house radio stations

Our in-house radio stations can be heard in private business places, retail outlets and  clubs.  Owning your own radio station for a closed audience used to be a million dollar venture.  Now it is a few thousand with all the advantages of glueing your employees, club members or community together with  intimate authentic storytelling and music.


“Words when spoken out loud for the sake of performance are music. They have rhythm and pitch and timbre and volume. These are the properties of music and music has the ability to find us and move us and lift us up in ways that literal meaning can’t.”

When master storyteller Aaron Sorkin put these words in the mouth of Martin Sheen as President Jed Bartlett in The West Wing, he captured the essence of the great storytellers like Martin Luther King and JFK and even Steve Jobs in “The crazy ones” . They told stories that found us and lifted us up.

Telling our story authentically, being who we are and sharing our values and our beliefs attracts those people who want to be with us. In business, it attracts them as customers, patients, clients and staff, and outside of business, it attracts them as friends, companions, spouses and lovers.

I love words but I am no Aaron Sorkin or Martin Luther King, but like almost everyone else, I find people’s authentic story compelling and uplifting.

The problem is, no movie studio has ever offered to make my stories into a blockbuster TV series and never have tens of thousands of people turned up in a park to hear me speak.

And I dont have the money to match Apple’s advertising budget for media.

Fortunately, even though I have a very small advertising budget, I have the very good fortune to be living in the internet age when social media, internet radio and viral youtube clips allow me to reach an audience of people who are referred by their friends.

If you are reading this, assuming you got this far, it is probably because a friend of yours shared it with you.

I can’t help you write like Aaron Sorkin, nor can I give you the genius of Martin Luther King Jr’s words but l can help you reach your audience and tell your story.

Reach out to me on here and I will send you my little cheat sheet on what we do and how we can help you to do it too.